Our Story

A Family Legacy…

Back in 2002 my dad came to visit me in Ft. Rucker, Alabama. I asked him to handle the barbecue for a party that we were having and he pulled out a card with a recipe, handwritten and stained. When I smelled the delicious sweet and spicy aromas coming from my kitchen I knew there was barbecue magic happening. When I tasted it for the first time I knew we needed to share it with the world. “You could sell this.” I told my dad. “How?” he replied, and with that the partnership was formed and our journey began. After many years of hard work, research, a couple of military moves and the addition of my uncle to the team, we are proud to present SweetFire Barbecue.

I am so very proud of my dad and my uncle for all of the passion, determination and hard work that has gone into creating barbecue like none other. I know you’re going to love SweetFire as much as I do!

See you at the barbecue!
Aubrey Jacobson