Don’t take our word for it………hear from some of our most enthusiastic customers!


SweetFire Barbecue Sauce kicks Ass!

Last night I made country style slow cooked ribs using my usual recipe. One hour before being done, I poured the entire bottle of SweetFire over the ribs. WOW! The men in this house licked their plates clean.


We are hooked and I will be buying a jar for everyone in the office for Christmas. Buying from a local small family run business is something we like to do.

It’s fantastic!!!!! I bought a bottle at the TACOMA BOYS in Tacoma on Friday Afternoon. My very first initial reaction was “wow…this is Sweet” but the heat kicked in-and it was wondrous! Not over the top KC Masterpiece hot for hot’s sake-but FLAVORFUL HOT….enough to satisfy us heat lovers but not too crazy hot to alienate the hot sauce unenlightened. Good product. I’ll buy it again. As a matter of fact I’ll be sending some back to my family in Wisconsin and Minnesota. They are discriminating and they will love it.